Why being yourself is always good enough.

I never fit perfectly into any box and I guess in many ways it is why I never felt I quite fit in to any particular group or clique of people. I tend to be the kind of person with an eclectic group of friends. A delicious box of licorice all sorts. All different and all fabulous in their own special way.

But it isn’t always easy not “fitting in”, and when you don't fit in, you cant help but stand out, which isn't always terribly easy either.

Even now, I am sometimes reminded that I am tricky to understand, that people don't quite get me, that I'm different to other mums, or other 40 year olds, or other things that apparently should define me. I may get left off an invitation because I don’t join in with group led gossip and boozy lunches (although I do like a boozy lunch, as my old school buddies will certainly back up, I just don't drink the alcohol!). And I’m a grown up, often faced with school ground antics but, I try not to take it personally, I look on with curiosity and find that actually (dare I say it), I like being outside of the crowd. Because standing outside of the crowd means standing up for me.

You see, only once I started to really discover who I was and found the courage to be true to myself without judgement did I really begin to shine, and you know what happened? I started to attract a tribe. A tribe of people wonderfully unique in each and every way. A chocolate box of nationalities and beliefs with different loves and pet peeves but, with similar tones that intrinsically link us all together. A hotch-potch group of fabulous, loving, quirky people who entirely rock my world.

The truth is, I like being me. Yes I said it. I like being me, with all my quirks and heart and all the things that make me, me.

And the thing is, I like you too. With all your quirks and heart and all the things that make you, you.

We spend so long trying to fit in to everyone else’s box and I’m here to say, it’s okay to sit in your own box, actually, just stand on the darn thing, because, in the wonderful words of Dr Suess,

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out”

Give yourself permission and stay awesome.

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