Welcome the light.

Happy Winter Solstice friends! As we now welcome the sun with longer days, it is a wonderful time for reflection upon creation, renewal and regeneration. It is a time to ask yourself what you would like to leave behind in the darkness and what you would like to create in the light. For me 2020 is all about creation, manifestation and living my wildest dreams. We all have a choice. We can choose to live in the dark shadows, a product of our past and all the beliefs we carry behind us, or we can choose to shine in the light, to welcome new adventures and to embrace the joy of rebirth. Give yourself permission to be whomever you wish to be and live whatever life you wish to live! What would you like to manifest? New career? New relationships? New home? New body? New health? This is the start point for powerful creation and you my friend are the most powerful creator there is. You have the power within you to manifest anything you desire but first you must let go of what no longer serves you. What can you let go of today by becoming consciously aware of the thought and behaviours that keep you stuck? Anger? Resentment? Judgement? Self loathing? Sorrow? All emotions are valid emotions. All emotions are honoured as having a place but, much like hot coals, the longer you hold on to harmful emotions, the longer they will continue to harm you, and in time, they will leave their scars. Choose to let go of what no longer serves you. Choose to embrace that which will allow you the freedom to grow and live the life you desire Make a choice today and know you are loved, supported and divinely guided by the light. Choose to shine my friend. Your time is now.

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