Navigating the darkness.

“I’m finding it hard to keep the darkness at the door”, that’s what she said and those words stuck in my head for days.

I just couldn’t shake them free. I couldn’t shake them free because I have felt them myself, and because so many women I work with echo the same.

The truth is, we all do everything we can to keep the darkness away. It’s normal, it’s human, but, I have found that the harder we push it away, the harder it pushes back.

I find myself wondering when our personal darkness became such a point of fear and dread. My mother always told me that everything needed both Yin and Yang to be balanced. Darkness and light. For surely it is out of the dark, dank mud from which beautiful flowers grow.

It reminds me of the lyrics from one of Trevor Hall’s songs (and if you haven’t already, check him out, his music awakens the soul.)

“You can’t rush your healing,

Darkness has its teaching,

Love is never leaving,

You can’t rush your healing”

There are always lessons to learn, there will always be moments of darkness and sometimes we have to accept them, hunker down, heal, treat ourselves with kindness, reconnect with our spiritual practice and allow ourselves to blossom out of the darkness into the light without fear, without judgement and with an abundance of love and trust that everything will work out exactly as it should.

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