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Let go and move on!

Most of us start a New Year with every intention of living our best life, of finally losing those last few pounds, of being a more patient parent, a more loving wife and vow to run business and home life like a tight ship.

And then you get a week or two in and it all falls to pieces. The anger and frustration kicks in and no matter how many times you tell yourself to just 'let it go', you just can't.

The diet is NOT going to plan, the healthy eating has gone out the window, your patience is ice thin, your house is chaos, your business feels overwhelming and you feel like you are going to cry. Or implode or self combust. And in that moment, you lose faith, you lose hope, you may even feel like you are losing your marbles! The frustration that you are no longer creating and no longer living within your highest vibration can add to more negatives feelings until you are no longer able to see sense nor reason. You have well and truly got yourself into a spectacular pickle.

This is the moment when you can choose to shift. You can choose to pivot, but I also know that choosing to change your situation isn't always as easy as it sounds. For those of you who are familiar with tapping, this is the exact moment to start tapping the heck out of it! Shift and move on.

For those of you less familiar with tapping, or for those who wish to try a different route, this is a goodie....

Just allow yourself to LOSE YOUR SH*T. Yes I said it! Shout, cry, throw your pillows around and get it out!

Now, there is method to my madness -

As humans we are told to calm down, to stop crying, to ”pull ourselves together” so often that the thought of letting it go and allowing it to fall apart can be frightening, but, allowing yourself to surrender (safely and without harming yourself or others) to the feelings can be the thing that sets you free. Sometimes we just need to press the reset button by allowing ourselves a moment to discharge the energy so that we can move on.

Just a few things to remember -

1. Never direct your anger, fear or frustration at another person.

2. Place yourself in a safe and nuturing environment.

3. Start with an intention that you are giving yourself permission to cry, shout and get it all out but that it is for a temporary period only. Set a clock if you need to. The idea is not to carry on feeling dreadful for the rest of the day but to be able to let it all out and MOVE ON.

4. If you need a physical release, throw your pillow at your bed.

5. Once the feeling has passed, make yourself a cup of tea and rest, even for a few minutes. Allow yourself to recover and rest.

6. Be nice to yourself for the rest of the day - recognise that you are human with human emotions and THAT'S OKAY.

We cannot create to the best of our ability with the background noise of frustration, fear, anxiety or anger. Only when we can move out of those temporary physical feelings, can we truly start to attract our hearts desire; better relationships, better health, better productivity. Only when we are fully able to move on from the things that are keeping us stuck, can we really live our best life.

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it. No matter where you are right now, no matter where you have been, you have the power to create where you are going. Hold fast, its going to be an incredible ride.

Live your best life.

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