Law of attraction.

I want to talk about kindness and my fundamental belief that what we give out we get back.

After a couple of challenging weeks of feeling disconnected due to circumstance; my husband travelling, my eldest son fracturing his ankle and then my other son getting chicken pox that had us house bound for a week, I started to witness little miracles. Perhaps it was the cabin fever setting in. I like to think it was something greater, the universe reminding me it had my back.

For a full week I faced my fears, challenged my inner chatter, surrendered and in that moment of surrender, I found gratitude. Gratitude that the fractured ankle didn’t require surgery, that my son was going to be okay. Gratitude that my little one had a strong immunity that could fight his illness, gratitude that I was strong enough and healthy enough to support my family through challenging times. Gratitude for my husband who showered me with love and affection, gratitude for my sister who brought joy to our home, gratitude for friends who stepped in with words of encouragement. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude for all the small miracles that were unfolding every step of the way.

And in this open state of giving and receiving, other wonderful things began to happen.

I found myself standing in a grocery shopping queue, late, flustered and frustrated that it was moving so slowly. The hold up was a young woman who was struggling to pay for her groceries. She was explaining with despair that she had just come to London and her American bank card wasn’t working. I watched as she desperately tried to explain to the cashier, to the other customers, apologising, and I felt every inch of her pain. Slowly I got to the front of the queue and all my frustration at being late disappeared. I felt utter, complete compassion.

Her bill was just over £50. No small amount but I found myself touching her on the shoulder and I simply offered to pay for her shopping. All of it.

I didn’t do it because I had to, I didn’t do it because I wanted a story to tell, I just did it because I wanted to.

I wanted her to feel even for a moment that she wasn’t alone in a foreign land and that people were kind.

The look of surprise on her face was a sure reminder that these small acts of kindness are rare and i was grateful for the reminder to keep an open heart, to keep giving, to keep reaching out with compassion and love.

As it turned out, I didn’t foot the bill because strangely, in that exact moment her boyfriend called to pay over the phone. I say strangely because, It just so happens, my wallet was feeling the pinch that day and as I walked away I was a little relieved that I had saved myself the £50. Did the universe know that I didn’t have much spare? Was it saying, it’s okay Alex, we have got you?

I left the shop, still late, still rushing and somehow everything worked in my favour, all the traffic lights were green, every obstacle felt like it was moving just for me. Little miracles.

Another day I walked past a charity vendor. You know the ones, the ones you avoid like the plague pretending to be on your phone or in a desperate rush. . . . But for some reason, this time I stopped and not only did I contribute to the charity but I got to meet two great young people who had travelled an hour and a half from Stratford that day to try and make a difference in the world. I signed up to £1 per week and I felt good, it seemed a small amount to help join the crusade towards creating a better world. We ended up talking spirituality and the law of attraction and after a few high fives, I was on my way with a skip in my step.

Next stop was a kiosk to buy a bottle of water and on a whim i bought a scratch card and won £10. What you give, you get back, in my case, 10 fold. Little miracles.

A couple of days later I found myself on a long-haul flight and after a few frantic days pre travel, I took a moment to express gratitude for a safe and easy flight. My question to you is, is it a coincidence I got the only seat with nobody next to me in the entire cabin, ensuring I had space and comfort? On the return flight it was exactly the same.

Little miracles.

People talk about the law of attraction but I think that often we miss the key ingredient. It is only with giving with an open heart can we receive with love. When we create, we need to create without expectation, when we put out what we wish to receive,we must do so with an open heart.

Less head more heart. Open, compassionate, loving kindness, gratitude, flow. These are the keys to living a fulfilling and abundant life. Let the good vibes flow.

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