How to get back on the wagon!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

I fell off the healthy living wagon.

For whatever reason, I fell off the wagon. Like seriously fell off…. with an almighty thump.

And this is what happened….

I went from going to the gym 3 x a week to going ZERO times a week.

I justified it by taking long relaxing walks instead and even though my body was moving, I didn't have as much energy. The speed at which I lost my muscle was horrifying. I used to lift heavier than half the men in the gym and could see my muscles even doing the simplest tasks like tying my hair up - you may laugh, but it’s these little things that make a girl feel good. The other day I was putting on my bikini and although still slim, I looked….. well…… what can only be described as…. SQUISHY.

At this point, I found out that after all the work I had put in over months in the gym, the hard work and commitment, the sweat, the tears, all of it started to come undone within a scientifically proven 24 fricken HOURS. SERIOUSLY.

Shall I repeat that? 24 HOURS.

And it got worse -

MUSCULAR STRENGTH CAN BE LOST IN 2 WEEKS in healthy individuals. In less healthy individuals, the loss is even more rapid.

Now how’s that for a serious kick in the butt.

I went from clean eating every 3-4 hours to constantly snacking on a lot of what I call - dead foods - crisps, popcorn, starchy carbs and not enough REAL foods. I convinced myself it was fine because it was organic, it was gluten free, it was healthy to make cakes and eat them as fast as they were baked because they were ‘healthy’ cakes made from NATURAL sugars but hey, who was I kidding - sugar is sugar is sugar. Now, I love to bake and when I was at my fittest we still had pancakes every weekend, I baked bread cakes and other delicious treats but the difference was that it was in balance with good organic proteins, fresh fruit and veg and a very active life.

With the change in diet and exercise came a change in my body.

Fist thing was that my clothes got tighter. My skinny jeans had to be yanked up and when I finally did up the top button I felt like I would be cut in half. I walked around praying I wouldn't have to sit down for long periods in case my blood supply would be cut off and my legs would have to be amputated.

My skin became so parched and dehydrated that aside from the greying dullness of my complexion, I started to get little patches of dry skin. My hair also became dehydrated and my body started to resemble the dry foods I was eating. I started to look like a giant old greying rice cake. Just as dry, just as round.

My digestive system became tired and sluggish and my energy levels dropped.

But me being me, I looked on all this somewhat uncomfortable transformation with complete curiosity and a fierce determination to break the pattern. I started to think - if my body can begin to unravel this quickly, I wonder how quickly it will take to get all the good stuff back….. and so it began.

Two weeks ago I decided to do what I knew best and get myself back to feeling good and looking good and here is what I did -

Eat clean.


Yup. That simple.

So for two weeks, I increased my walks, I worked out 3 times a week and I ate a squeaky clean diet of protein, vegetables and salad. I did keep my morning gluten free porridge oats with coconut milk but after 9am I cut out grains.

For the first 3 days I had a headache, was tired and crabby. Day 4 I woke up energised.

After 10 days I started to GLOW and everyone around me began to comment on how fresh faced and glowing I looked. My hair got compliments as did my outfits which were no longer quite so tight. In fact, this morning, I welcomed my abs out of hiding as I smiled at them in the mirror.

2 weeks.

I often get asked, how long will it take? And often I get told, “It will take me too long” but people forget that even a small change can make a huge difference in how you feel and look.

In two weeks, I feel more like myself than I have felt in a long time.

Doesn’t that make it worth it?

One small step at a time.

Please note, whilst EFT and Holistic Nutrition have supported exceptional results in many emotional and physical issues, guidance received is not intended to replace the medical advice of your healthcare provider. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.

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