How to be happier

1. Get out of your own way!

First thing is first, before setting up any new happiness habits, start by simply releasing all your own expectations about what happiness should look like to you. Basically, get out of your own head and into your heart. Stop thinking about it, worrying about it, working out all the in's and out's of how it will happen and just get out of your own way. Trust that the universe has your back, give yourself permission and simply set the intention.

"I choose to release all resistance, I choose happiness"

2. Eat good food and find pleasure in the "bad" stuff.

This one may seem like a contradiction in itself but stay with me. Eating good food is a no-brainer. Anyone will tell you how essential good food is for your emotional and physical wellbeing (although you already know that!) Sometimes we know what we have to do but launching ourselves off the starting block is the hardest bit. Just start with a simple step in the right direction by choosing to add a cup of hot water and lemon to your morning routine or by choosing a piece of fruit instead of a biscuit. Simply swapping out bread for a salad wrap is an easy peasy thing to do to help you get a dose of that feel good factor. Now, here comes the best bit about the "bad" stuff - find pleasure in the bad stuff by choosing the best quality "bad" stuff you can find. Swap out a packaged shop bought cake for a home made carrot cake. Believe me, the reward is sweeter and you wont be able to stop that smile creeping across your face.

3. Shake your tush.

Yes, you heard me. Dance.

It's an easy thing that anyone can do. Sure you can go to a nightclub, zumba class, barn dance or any other social scene but I am talking about the kind of dancing you do on your own in the living room (the wild woman kind). It's that moment of connection and pure joy that brings us back to ourselves, and reminds us not to take everything so seriously and to just be happy. Shake off any bad vibes and pop on your dancing shoes (or slippers)

"To dance is to pray, To pray is to heal, To heal is to give, To give is to live, to live is to dance" - Marijo Moore Cherokee.

4. Breathe in joy.

This is a favourite of mine mostly because its the easiest thing in the world to do and yet it is always under-utilised in day to day life. Most of us living in this high stress world breathe simply because we do it automatically, it just happens without thought and as with many things, it is easy to take for granted, but, believe me when I say that making time to consciously breathe each day has quite literally transformed my life. When done properly, it reduces your stress hormones and gets you back into balance by creating harmony, emotionally and physically. Lie on the floor and begin breathing from your belly. Try and make this a daily practice and watch how your stress levels reduce and are replaced with a feeling of calm contentment and happiness

5. Connect.

Human connection is vital to wellbeing and happiness. We are living in a super tech world where it is easier to send a text, whatsapp message or an emoji rather than make the effort to really connect. It's so easy to do and has such great reward. Start by saying hello to your neighbour, pick up the phone and make time to talk (not just type!), have a cup of tea with a friend, hug your children, hold hands with your husband, just connect and be happy.

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