Faith over fear.

Dear friends,

I have avoided commenting on the Corona Virus as I have been trying to give it as little energy as possible, but, now it feels the right time to speak up. I've had a lot of fear-based client sessions over the last few weeks and I am now starting to see first hand how this virus is affecting the global community.

It really doesn't matter what I believe in terms of whether this is just a simple flu, not to be worried about, or, if it is something bigger and scarier. It just doesn't matter because it is already here so worrying about it and giving more energy to it seems pointless to me. It feels as though the fearful thoughts are feeding the monster, and on a personal wellbeing level, that never feels good. As we know, things that do not feel good, do not serve us.

We should absolutely minimise all possibility of getting the virus by being cautious, we should wash our hands and stop touching our faces, we all know what we need to do to minimise the threat to ourselves and those around us on a physical level , so what's next?

Ill be honest, at this point, I am more concerned about what this virus is doing to us on an emotional level and vibrational level that I humbly ask you to join me now with a clear intention to step out of fear and into faith. Perhaps, if we can all shift our energy and raise the global vibration out of fear and into a place of love, safety and hope, we can lift others up in #faithoverfear.

As a mother, I raise my children to KNOW that they were perfectly created, that they have a strong immunity, that the world is safe and not out to get them. I try to remind them that we are connected to source and not separate, that we are community, loving and kind and that kindness and love spreads faster and deeper than any fear. I teach them that tough times may come but that they have everything they need within their own power and that they will be okay.

I am worried about the separation that this virus is spreading - people can no longer kiss, hug, shake hands; distanced hellos and suspicion are now the norm. Separation shows up in a myriad of ways. The story of an elderly lady being refused a single pack of pasta by a man hoarding a whole trolley in a supermarket, the photo of an old man buying a packet of tissues because all the toilet paper had run out..... these are the stories that break my heart. Fear is deadly. Fear is what allows people to justify stealing hand sanitiser from hospitals. Fear is what allows people to fight over the last packet of paracetamol. With all the fear we are seeing, how do you find the light?

In these moments, I am reminded of my personal spiritual practice of constantly seeking better feeling thoughts, so now I eagerly look for stories of sharing, of kindness amongst strangers. I smile when I hear stories of survivors, of people quite simply, doing it better.

I am not here to tell you how you should or should not be facing this virus, but, I am here to remind you that you are safe, you are loved, you are divinely protected and that it is safe to release the fear. Releasing fear does not mean surrendering to the threat of illness, releasing fear simply means releasing the anxiety, the worry, the sleepless nights, the negative energy vibration that is reverberating throughout your home. It is letting go of victim led fear and stepping back into your light, your courage, your trust in your own divine ability to heal and sitting firmly within the belief that you are okay.

During this time of uncertainty, take time for your own spiritual practice, reminding yourself to stay grounded. Raise your immunity by raising your vibration. Seek joy and faith, knowing you are more than this; more than your eye can see and your body can feel. You are a divine being born from a world where anything is possible.

Use this time of relative isolation to get creative, to laugh, to connect with loved ones, to be joyous beings amidst adversity. You have the ability to create your future, create a life worth living. Settle down my dear friend, you are loved. You are safe. You are divinely protected. Release the fear, trust, love, be kind and be who you are. When you give yourself permission to live from spirit, you live from freedom and not from fear. You set yourself free.

From my heart to yours x

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