Decluttering your headspace.

We are moving house and that means we have one of two options - move EVERYTHING with us and find a nook or cranny to squeeze it in to in our new pad OR use the move as an opportunity to clear out the old clutter. We chose the clear-out option and let me tell you, it has been a completely enlightening experience. Now, this is what you have to understand about me - I'm a self confessed neat freak. You know the kind.... the kind that has to have a home for everything, the kind of person who washes up your pot stirrer while you are still cooking. Yup, thats me. I cull, organise and tidy consistently. Before you shake your head in despair, for me, it's a good thing. I can't think with a cluttered home. My energy goes off balance and I get all out of whack. So you can imagine my suprise when I began emptying cupboards and found that we had gathered so much STUFF over the years without even realising it! As I did another charity run, another dump run and packed away another box I began to realise how easy it had been to simply tidy things away bit by bit but that the piles just kept growing anyway. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with the idea that it is the same for our minds, how often do we clear out our minds? In order to think clearly, to have a peaceful and organised headspace, we need to clear out the clutter. It is so easy for us to store old ideas, feelings and beliefs and whilst some are useful, some just keep us stuck. Stuck in old ways of thinking and being that no longer bring out the best in us. We become stagnant and stop attracting new and exciting experiences because there just isn't the space! Much like clearing out your home, it does take effort but (wo)man, it is soooooo worth it! You will begin to feel lighter, look brighter and be happier. New experiences and new loving emotions will flood towards you. Let me give you an example. You had your heart broken by someone and haven't been able to fully move on. With the old beliefs about relationships and what you deserve keeping you stuck, you will find yourself recreating the same relationships over and over again. Have you every found yourself saying "He's/She's just like Mark/Lucy" or whoever it was that broke your heart. Perhaps you say, "Relationships are a waste of time, they all end up the same way". This is when you KNOW you have to put the work in and get clearing! With the opportunity to clear these emotions attached to the heart ache, you allow yourself to get out of your own way. You stop sabotaging yourself and open yourself up to new loving, kind, caring relationships where you can shine, blossom and grow. Simple steps to start clearing your headspace - 1. Get out of your own way. That means, making the conscious choice to clear out the old. 2. Do one thing that will get you on your way - Book an eft session and get CLEARING fast. EFT is the fastest and most gentle way I know (and believe me, I tried them all!) to let go of old beliefs and create space for new loving thoughts and experiences. By having a practitioner with you, you will have someone to guide you and hold your hand through the process. 3. Speak loving thoughts to yourself. 4. Simplify your life - get rid of the things/people/situations that bring negativity to your life. 5. Seek out calm - instill a meditation practice, take a walk, stop and breathe. Sometimes it is easy to just keep going as you are, the familiar is often easier to live with than change, but, I'll just leave you with this simple thought.... "Old ways won't open new doors". Isn't it time to finally found out what's behind that new door? You may just find that you like it. Big love always my friend xx

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