A journey back to myself

This is a story about me and how I went from rock bottom to living a life I love.

I know what it is like to suffer from poor emotional and physical health. I spent years suffering with chronic anxiety and poor health, struggling with my body and feeling I had lost myself.


At my worst, I was suffering with severe hand eczema (the kind that makes your hands blister and bleed), had pre-cancerous cervical cells, stage 4 endometriosis, ulcerative colitis, chronic PMS, anxiety with debilitating panic attacks, fatigue, constant colds and flu, and rather than living my life, I was in a constant state of survival and my body was screaming to be heard. 


The low points included, being told I would never have children and would have a guaranteed hysterectomy after developing a 13cm endometriosis cyst which stopped the blood supply to my left ovary and eventually landed me in hospital.


At another low point, my ulcerative colitis sent me to a consultants office where I was told I would be on medication for life.


Just for the record.... I now have two children, I haven't had a hysterectomy, I am free of endometriosis and in complete remission from ulcerative colitis having never taken a single dose of medication. 


What was the turning point?

I realised I had to make big shifts in all aspects of my life to be able to find peace within my body and mind.

And so I began.


With EFT tapping to break free of the emotional chains that were keeping me stuck and sabotaging my every move, I began to clear old traumas and belief systems. I shifted the way I viewed myself, my habits, my diet and my lifestyle.


I began the process of nourishing my body emotionally, physically and spiritually, and with each day, my body began to transform; my cells began to rejuvenate and I began my journey back to health and back to myself. It has lead me on to the path towards balance, contentment, connectedness,  happiness, peace, vitality and joy.

I began to love and accept myself, and as I did, my whole world transformed.


I am happily married, have two gorgeous children, I am healthy, I am present, I am happy and I am finally living a life experience that I love. 

Let me share this knowledge with you. Together we can begin to heal and find joy in living a life you love. 

Pink Petals

I am a wife and mother to two spirited boys. I am a bookworm, crazy about forest bathing, wild about the sea and passionate about the environment and our planet. 

You can find out more about my life and adventures on Instagram @thisimperfectgirl


"Since spending time with Alex, I feel lighter in more ways than one. I no longer suffer from crippling headaches. I sleep through the night and have lost almost 3 stone in weight - through feeling genuinely happier in my own skin."

Please note, whilst EFT and Holistic Nutrition have supported exceptional results in many emotional and physical issues, guidance received is not intended to replace the medical advice of your healthcare provider. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.

©2018 by Alexandra Serjeant.