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Connecting Mind Body & Spirit for Sacred Wellbeing

Hope Healer & Wellness Activator


I am a Holistic Wellbeing Coach and Energy Maven, specialising in Advanced EFT Tapping therapy. I have over a decade of experience working with an inspirational, global community of creative, professional and Beau Monde clients. I am a mother of two spirited boys, a bookworm, crazy about forest bathing, wild about the sea and passionate about the environment and the planet.

I am the proud daughter of an ancestral line of Japanese Reikan and I strive to live in a world that merges the beauty of being human with the magic of spiritual awareness. I believe that true wellbeing occurs when there is harmony in  Mind | Body | Spirit.

I believe in living an authentic, heart-centered life and I know how to make the magic of deep emotional and physical wellbeing available to everyone. I want to gift that magic to you.

Be the architect of your own life.


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To be Well,

Is to be in complete alignment; emotionally, physically and spiritually. When we are living in a state of wellbeing, we are vibrant, we glow, we radiate, we attract, we are in active creation and we are abundant in health, happiness and prosperity. We feel loved and supported at all times and are free to be a true expression of who we were born to be. 

If life feels a little "meh", or you are struggling with finding your work | Life balance, if your creativity is not in flow or your relationships are struggling, if you are doubting who you are and have lost your sparkle, your zest for life, if you find yourself in the spiral of comparison or imposter syndrome, if you feel stuck, burnt out, bored, if you are struggling with finances, struggling with your body, your life, then you know you are out of alignment with your power and out of alignment with your Wellbeing.   

It doesn't matter what you have been told up till this point, I am here to tell you that you are made for so much more. You deserve to be living the life you dream of, you deserve for all your desires to be fulfilled, you deserve to live an exceptional life. 

Activate your wellbeing by removing all the emotional blocks that have been keeping you stuck and reawaken your energetic field for creativity, joy, health, love and money.

You are so much more than anything you have ever thought you were. Harness that power and live the life of your dreams. Call it in now. 


Love your life


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