Energy Alchemist

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I am a personal and spiritual mentor specialising in advanced EFT Tapping therapy and energetics.  I have over a decade of experience working with an inspirational, global community of creative, professional and Beau Monde clients. I am a mother of two spirited boys, a bookworm, crazy about forest bathing, wild about the sea and passionate about the environment and the planet.

I am the proud daughter of an ancestral line of Japanese Reikan and I strive to live in a world that merges the beauty of being human with the magic of spiritual awareness. I believe that we are energetic, spiritual beings living a human experience and that we deserve to live the grandest, most beautiful, expression of our lives.

I believe that anyone can thrive when they are surrounded by the energy of unconditional love. That is my gift to you. This is the space where you can access your greatest gifts and greatest joy. There is magic in deep transformation. I want to gift that magic to you. Be the architect of your own life.


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To live a life full of health, happiness and prosperity,

Is to be in complete alignment; emotionally, physically and spiritually, with yourself and the universal laws. When you are living in a state of energetic harmony and bliss, you are vibrant, you glow, you radiate, you attract, you are in active creation and you are abundant in health, happiness and prosperity. You feel loved and supported at all times and are free to be a true expression of who you were born to be. 

You are able to dream and dream big.

Energy is everywhere, it is all around you and within you.
When energy is stuck, stagnant and has a negative vibration, you too feel stuck, stagnant and negative. By shifting heavy energy, we open ourselves to vibrant emotional and physical health, joyous relationships, abundant riches and so much more. 
You know who you are and you like who you are and are free to live in an abundant state of bliss.

Call in the life you dream of and start living a life you love.


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